UpperWest is Moving!

Come visit us soon to celebrate our three amazing years together in this cozy basement spot!

Join us Tuesday, October 15th, 6-9pm or Donate to our Moving Fundraiser!

(Space is limited for Tuesday’s event. You can also donate by clicking on the Fundraiser tickets and selection “Donation”.)

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Cocktail Bar

A neighborhood cocktail bar with classic cocktails, old world wines, local craft beers, tasty bar snacks & good vibes, brought to you by owners Kim Courtney & Xavier Dietrich.

Join us at UpperWest in our 1970s style basement for a fun and relaxed evening of drinks, flights of wine, whiskey or amari, bar snacks, board games, fun events, good music, and great company.

You will find us in the back entrance of the green house located at 1 Cedar Street, Cambridge, MA, just off Mass. Ave., next to the bike path, and a short walk from Davis Square and Alewife T Stations.

Cocktail Bar Hours

Wednesday - Saturday

6pm - Midnight

Walk ins are welcome.

We take reservations for drinks if desired.

Call 617-714-5734

Note: We are no longer using Open Table, Reserve or Resi. We currently do not offer a regular dinner menu.

Private Events

Available for private events 7 days per week from 8am to 2am for up to 45 guests.

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We are walking distance from the Alewife and Davis Square T stations, around an 8 minute walk. The 77 bus stops across the street on Mass. Ave. at Cameron Avenue northbound, and at Cedar Street southbound. There are also many Zip Cars and Hubway bicycles close by.


Free parking is available at meters on Massachusetts Avenue from 6pm. Please do not park in the lot next to our building, which belongs to the Veteran's Club.

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The Colossal 2014 Restaurant Openings Guide

February 10, 2014, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“UpperWest - A "small, casual wine bar" headed for a space between Harvard and Central Square.”

Here Comes Upperwest, a Cambridge Wine Bar

March 14, 2014, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

A "small, casual wine bar" called upperwest is seeking the appropriate licenses to open between Harvard and Central Square in Cambridge … will focus on charcuterie, cheese, and small plates … and it will also be a hub for special events involving the community and small businesses. The current plan is to open in April.”

UpperWest (a New Wine Bar) Hopes to Open in Cambridge

March 14, 2014, Boston Restaurant Talk

“upperwest is planning to open on Mass. Ave. between Harvard Square and Central Square, with the restaurant's website indicating that it will be a small, casual wine bar offering cheese, charcuterie, and small plates using locally-sourced ingredients.”

UpperWest Is Still Trying to Open on Massachusetts Avenue

February 3, 2015, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“UpperWest, a "small, casual wine bar," has been trying to open at 1001 Massachusetts Ave. (between Central and Harvard Square) for nearly a year, but its efforts have so far been blocked thanks to the licensing process and a nearby competitor.”

Boston's Most Anticipated Spring Restaurant Openings of 2015

March 26, 2015, Boston Eater, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“Looking more like summer or beyond: UpperWest”

UpperWest Is Opening in North Cambridge As a "Community Food Hub"

May 08, 2016, Boston Restaurant Talk

“A proposed restaurant in Cambridge that was involved in what one writer said was "among the weirdest spectacles" ever seen at a public hearing is opening in another part of the city--but not as a restaurant.”

Proposed Cambridge Wine Bar Has New Location and New Concept

May 9, 2016, Eater Boston, by Dana Hatic

“UpperWest is the work of Kim Courtney and Xavier Dietrich, who have been trying to get this project off the ground since 2014. The then-proposed wine bar had its sights set on 1001 Massachusetts Ave. but received some staunch opposition from a competitor.”

The Best Local Food Writing of 2018

December 28, 2018, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“I also want to give a shoutout to Cambridge Day, where Marc Levy covers a variety of topics, including food, and has recently been on an unflinching crusade against potential corruption in the licensing commission. His recent stories (123) regarding candles, Upperwest, and a whole lot of drama with the commission are quite interesting reads, as are earlier stories about liquor licensing.”

Endearing, intimate and bare-bones, UpperWest is the wine bar that almost wasn't

January 3, 2017, Boson Globe, by Sacha Pfeiffer

“It’s location is comically oddball … at the very end of 2016, I found my favorite new restaurant of the year … in unfashionable North Cambridge.” “… due to the alchemy of good food, good drinks, and good music, plus the endearing intimacy of this plain little place – I can’t wait to come back.” “Courtney handles all the cooking, working alone with just a convection oven and induction cooktop. Dietrich mans the bar, pouring flights of Scotch and wine.” “I leave full and satisfied each time – a lesson, perhaps, in how Americans would benefit from a simpler approach to eating.” “Courtney’s masterpieces are her handmade pastas.” “never have I entered a restaurant with such trepidation and left so utterly charmed. There are no airs here, no pretentions … the simpleness and modesty of UpperWest, its bewitching speakeasy aura, and its extremely satisfying food are why we’ll keep going back and back.”

The Critics Ate Pasta and Other Italian Food This Week: At UpperWest and Molinari’s

January 6, 2017, Eater Boston, by Dana Hatic

“The Boston Globe’s Sacha Pfeiffer pays a visit to UpperWest. There, she writes, she “found [her] favorite new restaurant of the year.” “The pastas are masterpieces, Pfeiffer writes, including the porcini ravioli and an excellent orecchiette with sausage.”

Where to Eat, Top Pick - UpperWest

April 2, 2017, Boston Globe Magazine

Top Pick.pdf

“Top Pick … due to the alchemy of good food, good drinks, and good music, plus the endearing intimacy of this cozy little place, it channels the wonderfully homey experience of eating in a rustic European tavern.”

Boston’s Top Restaurant Standbys of 2017: Waypoint, Chilacates, and More. Local food writers discuss their regular haunts of this past year.

December 27, 2017, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“I see them easily becoming standbys in 2018: weird and wonderful little basement haunt Upperwest, which I’m ashamed I didn’t try until late this year, over a year after it opened”.

The Biggest Dining Surprises of 2017: The Restaurant Boom Continues (and More). Here’s what local food writers were not expecting this year

December 28, 2017, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

 “On a more positive note, I was pleasantly surprised by a number of excellent dining experiences in unexpected places. Upperwest, for one. I wasn’t surprised, exactly, as I’d heard plenty of good things already, but walking into the back door of a United American Veterans post and heading down to the basement doesn’t necessarily set up expectations for the wonderfully cozy restaurant within. Whatever pasta is on the menu, get it.” 

Hidden Cambridge Wine Bar Adds Coffee Shop Hours

May 18, 2018, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal  

“Stick around for some wine-drinking … and then start eating lots of excellent pasta for dinner at 6 p.m.”

Restaurant Opening Guide, Summer 2016: Cambridge

June 21, 2016, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“In the works for more than two years, originally at another location, UpperWest is now open near Alewife and Davis, serving up cheese and charcuterie tasting flights, drink pairings”

UpperWest Arrives in Cambridge With Cheese, Charcuterie, and More

Sep 14, 2016, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“It’s been a long road for UpperWest, officially opening tomorrow (September 15) at 1 Cedar St. in North Cambridge… in one of "the weirdest spectacles ever seen at a public hearing," according to Cambridge Day, UpperWest was denied the necessary licenses to open there, apparently because a local business owner feared competition.”

Top Stories of the Week: Saloniki, Philz Coffee, Dig Inn, and Oath Craft Are Expanding.

September 16, 2016, Eater Boston, by Rachel Leah Blumenthal

“8. UpperWest Arrives in Cambridge with Cheese, Charcuterie and More”

Four politically engaged eateries, breweries offer cozy place to watch, cry at final debate

October 18, 2016, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy 

“UpperWest, … a wine bar and event space (inspired by the tiny wine bars on the Upper West Side of New York City, but not so tiny) will have the debate on with sound and offer its own selection of cheese, cured meats and wine or whiskey in the beautifully refurbished cellar of a veterans lodge.”

UpperWest History - March 2014 to July 2019
(Click on link to read full article)

City Refuses to Allow UpperWest to Open at 1001 Mass. Ave. - Cambridge License Commission Hearings
March 18, 2014

March 27, 2014

Cambridge Lost Wine Bar Before it Opened, and Entrepreneurs Should Be Asking Why
October 6, 2014, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy
“… a proposed Mid-Cambridge wine bar called UpperWest was turned away in March by opposition from license commissioners and a couple of others so extreme it bordered on the bizarre. … It was among the weirdest spectacles I’ve ever seen at a public hearing, and for some reason the principals of the rejected wine bar, Kimberly Courtney and Xavier Dietrich, have been appearing at every License Commission hearing since.”

Competitors Apparently Sink Upperwest's Chances at Opening in Cambridge
October 6, 2014, Boston Eater, by Knoefel Longest
“Proposed wine bar Upperwest has been denied the necessary licenses to operate in Cambridge by the License Commission”.

The Cellar & The Garden at the Cellar –
The Story of a Beloved Cambridge Restaurant’s Final Days in Business

November 23, 2014, Bostinno, by Galen Moore
“The restaurant closed suddenly last Tuesday, after failing to negotiate a new agreement with its landlord–not for the rent, but for the liquor. Garden at the Cellar carried on eight years without earning a drop of revenue from its beer and wine list or its cocktail program. Beverage sales went to the landlord, Stephen Kapsalis, who operates The Cellar bar downstairs and Cellar Wine & Spirits next door. Kapsalis paid the bartenders at Garden at the Cellar, supplied the liquids and reaped 100% of the revenue.

“They are holding the business’s property (food inventory, plates, equipment, computer) and won’t let him (Chef/Owner Brandon Arms) retrieve it,” the former manager wrote me in a Twitter DM.” “Kapsalis is reported to have blocked the liquor-license petition filed by entrepreneurs who would have opened a wine-and-cheese bar nearby.”

The worst of Cambridge in 2014. #1 - The License Commission gets weird.
December 31, 2014, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Radicalized by problems before board, lawyer says she’ll run for City Council
February 4, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Opposition to wine bar is real mystery, while petition expressing it looks faked
February 26, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Cambridge man faces criminal charges for allegedly fake petition against a wine bar
February 27, 2015, Universal Hub, by Adam Gaffin

The Upperwest Plot Thickens With a Sketchy Petition
February 27, 2015, Eater Boston, by Jacqueline Cain

Did a real estate broker forge a bunch of names to eighty-six a wine bar?
March 3, 2015, Boston Curbed, by Tom Acitelli

Decade after okaying illegal liquor license, board corrects its mistake – incorrectly?
March 12, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Hearing gives commission a chance to ask why it granted liquor license in first place
March 17, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Cambridge Man Arraigned on Forgery Charges
April 1, 2015, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian T. Ryan
Sydney Depaulo Arraignment Press Release.pdf

Man accused of forging signatures to block Cambridge wine bar
April 1, 2015, Boston Globe, by Steve Annear
Boston Globe DePaulo Article.pdf

Taxi strike shows how city government fails businesses, residents by not enforcing law
August 4, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Kim Courtney

Forged petition suspect says restaurateur funded effort to help fight off competition
April 7, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

License Commission chairwoman resigns, leaving position open after 20-month term
August 12, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Things get heated at City Council meeting, and it’s candidates turning it up, feeling it
August 17, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Convictions follow forged petition intended to keep competition away from restaurant
October 20, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Removal of camera, police threat to citizen was based on an error, BZA chairman says
November 11, 2015, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Celebrate stubborn small-business people at UpperWest, ‘wine bar that almost wasn’t’
January 5, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

How can a ‘restaurant’ have no kitchen? When officials deny appropriate licenses
Commission reintroduces category after decades of fake inspections

May 9, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

T.T.’s, River Gods owners paying the price of reforms removing liquor licenses’ value
Some 200 more business owners may find themselves affected

May 25, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Appalled officials survey damage, city role in artificially inflating liquor license values

June 13, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Scores of Cambridge restaurants paid six figures for a liquor license. Others got them for free
November 11, 2017, The Boston Globe, by Beth Healy, Sacha Pfeiffer and Devra First
Boston Globe Article Nov. 11, 2017.pdf

State agency to investigate liquor license practices in Cambridge
November 14, 2017, The Boston Globe, by Beth Healy and Sacha Pfeiffer
Boston Globe Nov 14, 2017 State Treasurer Article.pdf

License, legal officials reject responsibility for plight of buyers steered wrong by city.
Law Department: No obligation to compensate River Gods, others

November 15, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Officials reject plea from ailing club owner to buy back worthless T.T.’s liquor license
December 2, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

What happened in Cambridge in 2017: High points, low points and otherwise.
Five low points for Cambridge in 2017. #1 - The License Commission reformed recklessly and rejected responsibility.

December 30, 2017, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Legal claim says city ‘deceived and defrauded’ in enforcing false License Commission rules
June 18, 2018, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Candles are now illegal for all in Cambridge? Enforcers are on scorched-earth campaign.
Licensers are making up laws to go after two business owners yet again.

November 6, 2018, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

In wine bar candle case, non-violent ‘threats,’ verbal regulations, memos that can’t be seen
November 8, 2018, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

ACLU wonders at ‘serious free speech issues’ in police commissioner actions on restaurant
December 17, 2018, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

The worst of Cambridge in 2018. #1 - The License Commission runs amok.
December 31, 2018, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Police board drags its heels, ducks questions on commissioner actions that alarmed ACLU
February 1, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Police commissioner gets extended contract despite questions over judgment from ACLU
March 25, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

No law prohibiting candles in Cambridge despite enforcement, city’s expert testifies
April 12, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

We’ve got one guy handling all of our zoning, but lots of lawyers to waste time and money
May 10, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Nine months after claims there’s a candle law, fire department tries second time to have one. Boston and Somerville don't restrict their eateries, can cite no ill effects.
June 6, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Police officer admits there was nothing illegal in ‘threats’ upon which city has built bar case.
Testimony: Business owners suggested lawsuit or complaint, not violence.

July 3, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

Mysterious policy cited to limit entertainment is accepted by Zoning Board, 5-1, against pub.
City official insists Lizard Lounge nightclub 'must be background music'.

July 8, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy

License Commission, police oversight board broke state law, Attorney General’s Office says
Monday, July 22, 2019, Cambridge Day, by Marc Levy
“The city’s License Commission and Police Review & Advisory Board have both been found guilty by the Office of the Attorney General of violating state law.”

UpperWest Public Support for Package Store Application
(Cambridge License Commission found "no public need' for our package store license ...)

North Cambridge is in need of more food and beverage options especially from local business owners.

I think it would be super convenient for area residents and a great addition to that location. Good luck!

Since Norton’s sold and the new owners raised their prices, we should allow a new entrant to compete.

A specialty beer and wine store would add to our neighborhood. It would allow us to shop for these items without getting in a car.

Upper West is an amazing local vendor and I'd support an independent grocery store run by them.
This would be great!

Neighborhood based shops like proposed makes sense. A patron can taste, enjoy, and walk home. I wish we had this Upper West closer to home.

Really special neighborhood place. Adding a package store license would enable them to build on what they already do well. There are other small restaurants and artisanal "curators" a few blocks south on Mass Ave, but nothing really near Upper West.

UpperWest is a neighborhood gathering place, and this will just strengthen the neighborhood bonds. Thank you.

Upper West is a unique and inviting neighborhood bar and should definitely be given the opportunity to sell alcohol so please grant them this license!

I fully support this initiative. Upper West is a good neighbor and I believe in supporting and fostering small businesses who work to be part of the community.

Kim and UpperWest have proven to be a great addition to the community. If this venture is half as good as what we’ve already seen from this team, it will be very welcomed!

I support the growth of local business in our area.

North Cambridge residents would enjoy and appreciate this type of local food, wines and spirits.

North Cambridge has a paucity of speciality food and spirits stores. Assigning a Package Store License to support a Mom and Pop restaurant makes enormous sense.

A great compliment to a unique restaurant and another way for them to enhance the community.

I used to live in North Cambridge and have been back to enjoy UpperWest. It's a great addition to the area and I'd like to be able to buy some of the amaros I tried there.

Upper West has been a great addition to our neighborhood; they are honest, inventive, and fun. They respect the neighborhood and we respect them. All good....

A gourmet package store such as is proposed by Upper West, will be a plus to the neighborhood and surely be good for the success of the establishment.

It is hard to find good, tasty and high quality products. Having a specialty food store on cedar street will allow us to get homemade and diverse products directly from the place who makes it. I strongly support the opening of this specialty food store.

UpperWest is an excellent asset to the community and to the city. Their creativity is boundless, and I would very much look forward to their expanded offerings.

We support this application as we believe it would be a valuable addition to the community. We appreciate how well-run Upper West is, and believe they will run the store similarly.

Omg please!!! I grew up in trolley square and am back there multiple times weekly to visit my family in gold star. I would shop there all the time I LOVE upper west. Please please approve!!!!!!

UpperWest have established themselve as much more than just another restaurant or bar in North Cambridge, but as a bona fide member of the community. I wholeheartedly support and endorse them in this endeavor.

UpperWest's proprietors are creative and responsible business owners who have brought real value to my neighborhood.

Kim and Xavier are completely dedicated to creating first-class food and beverage experiences for the community. Their Upper West has been a great addition to the neighborhood, and they may be relied upon to bring more value to the area with their new retail undertaking. I look forward to shopping there upon their opening.

UpperWest is a wonderful, one of a kind, friendly and fun establishment in the area. Everyone I have visited with has been delighted, and management's personal touch is no doubt the reason why. I would love to see them have the opportunity to operate a store.

I love the warm and friendly environment of UpperWest. The food is excellent with a unique menu. I think their retail store would be a great addition to the restaurant.

UpperWest is a great local bar that adds to the life to an otherwise quiet part of Mass Ave. Adding a package store would provide even more options for local residents.
Great to have locally owned shops supporting the neighborhood!

I support the continued growth of interesting small businesses in North Cambridge which help create jobs and keep the neighborhood vital.

I have known Kim and Xavier for many years and welcome their concept for Cambridge and surrounding communities. I am not aware of any other specialty shops like this one. I vote yes.

Upper West has been a great addition to the neighborhood. Expanding their business can only add vitality to that far reach of North Cambridge.

Upper West is a valuable asset to our neighborhood. Our home faces the UAV and we'd be excited for their small business to add to the community that makes the neighborhood so nice.

Keep local businesses alive and strong.
Hello. I feel a package store that offers a carefully curated selection of hard to find old world wines and local craft beers would be a nice addition to the area. Please approve a license. Thank you.

I think Kim and Xavier are valuable member to the restaurant community of Cambridge. A package store license would be a great asset to the neighborhood as they would provide products with a story, quality and great integrity.

This would be a fantastic addition to the North Cambridge neighborhood, where there is a lack of this type of offering. SUPPORT!

This would be a good addition to the neighborhood and I trust these people to do a nice job. Please approve the application.

The far end of Mass Ave could use more shops. From Cameron street to Rt 16, more development is needed. Upper West has been a lovely addition to the neighborhood
I am a longtime North Cambridge resident, in NC since 1995. I strongly support Kim and Xavier in doing this. I hope that UpperWest will also continue to serve food and beverage at the restaurant. It is a unique place in Cambridge.

My husband and I love bringing our friends and family to UpperWest! It’s a unique spot that gives you a homey feeling of visiting a childhood friend’s house. The service is excellent and allows you to linger and enjoy your food. This isn’t some bar where you’re tossing back beers; it’s a space to enjoy uniquely crafted cocktails or unusual, hard-to-find wines, and relax with a board game, or just fun conversation. I hope the City of Cambridge does the right thing by supporting this wonderful business run by caring owners. This is precisely the kind of business we need more of in our neighborhoods rather than large, impersonal, national chains.

Upper west and it’s owners offer a unique neighborhood gathering spot, which is needed to build strong communities.
UpperWest has been a great addition to the neighborhood with lots of original but not at all precious food events. They've taken a small lackluster spot along Mass Ave and given the locals a relaxed place to hang out. Let'em do their thing.

Great restaurant & bar. Asset to the community.

The main thing I hear when people come into Upper West for the first time is "There's really nothing else like this place." UW has always been a chill, cool spot, that is off the beaten path both in location and attitude. I feel like the more of that same energy that we can offer to this community the better.
A good, responsible liquor store is a great addition to any neighborhood!

I have no problem with a retail/restaurant establishment offering things for sale that people would like to buy.

Lot to offer to the neighbohood. Foodies would love to support this Cambridge business.

Any business, including a package store, that is created by the owners of upperwest will surely have the same care and intention that the restaurant does and would be a benefit to the city of Cambridge.

UpperWest provides a very nice service for the neighborhood. I fully support their efforts to develop their business.

These are talented - hardworking people, please facilitate their needs!

It will provide goods that are not available in the neighborhood currently, and build community.

Kim and Xavier are creative entrepreneurs. I enjoy their restaurant. I look forward to being able to purchase home made food for take away as well as ingredients for craft cocktails. They will fill a much needed spot in the neighborhood for those items. Thank you!
Good luck to you both.

Upperwest is my favorite bar in the North Cambridge/Davis Square area. The staff there is always incredibly welcoming and warm, and the atmosphere is quiet and chill. It's the only bar in walking distance from our apartment that isn't a crowded dive. They've become an integral part of the neighborhood.

I thoroughly enjoy UpperWest and go as often as I can. It would be great to be able to get more of that goodness!
Upper West is a jewel in the neighborhood!

Our family fully supports UpperWest’s application for a package store license. The North Cambridge neighborhood is growing and is in need of more places like this that sell unique, hard to find, high quality food and drink. The petitioners are perfect examples of local small business owners that are committed to the neighborhood, and offer a warm and friendly atmosphere for all customers.

I am very much in support of Upper West’s proposal for a specialty food store. I urge the City to approve this plan. Thanks Jim Neely

Kim and Xavier bring quality food and wine to Cambridge and are locally owned and run. We love their restaurant.
Love this place!

Love Kim and Xavier, they are such an asset to our neighborhood!
It would be great to have a to-go market with hand selected food, beer, and wine at this neighborhood restaurant.
I love this idea and would fully support Kim and Xavier having curated take home offerings!!

Love the restaurant. Great food and service. Local neighborhood feel

I support the application for a liquor store license at UpperWest. I think it would be at terrific addition to the neighborhood!

We have loved spending time at UpperWest and would love to further support this business. This type of shop sounds delightful--we love amari and other out-of-the-mainstream types of alcohol.

UpperWest provides an experience and atmosphere that many of us in the neighborhood have come to love— the addition of a specialty food, wine and spirits store would give us all an opportunity to support unique local businesses.

This is a great local family business and it will be great if they can expand to offer, beer, wine and specialty foods to go with a package store license! It will add a lot to the neighborhood.

Kim makes amazing food! But the bar is small and the menu ever-changing. I would love to be able to buy and eat her concoctions on my schedule. And wine and cheese, of course, to complete the meal!

I really like the concept of being able to purchase a bottle of something that I enjoy at a restaurant. Most package stores sell the same stuff. The Upper West concept is different from most package stores and I think the neighborhood could use something like this.

I look forward to a package store at 1 Cedar Street which would provide specialty ingredients, wines, local craft beers and amari. Retail seems to be having a serious issue in Cambridge as witnessed by the storefront vacancies on Mass Ave, I'd appreciate if you'd let these capable folks have an opportunity to expand, the neighborhood will be a better place.

This is a unique place of fine food and warm good cheer. they care about their products and patrons in a genuine way. I am sure the same character will be part of their business as a "package store", but I am sure it will be much more, and a kind of sweet resource for the community.

I can think of few things more delightful than the addition Kim and Xavier would like to make to their terrific establishment. I really hope you allow them to move forward.

Let’s support local businesses and see them continue to flourish.

We love the idea of this local service and would take immediate advantage of this. There are few places in Cambridge that are knowledgeable when it comes to wine and help guide based on taste. Currently, we buy most of our wine in Somerville instead but would love to keep our business in Cambridge.

This license will offer more choices to consumers of specialty items in Cambridge and in the neighborhood of Cedar St. and Mass Ave. and it is in keeping with the business established already by the owners.

Upper West provides unique and delicious services and goods in its cozy and welcoming N. Cambridge location (my neighborhood of over 30 years until this month when I moved). Please allow Upper West to offer its phenomenal products (specialty food, beer, wine and cordials) retail.
The neighborhood appreciates and needs more opportunities to experience unique approaches to food and drink. I would certainly shop at this store.

Great business. Great people. I support their continued success. Full support!

Kim and Xavier are passionate about providing food that they love to the community and that is why I support their endeavors to open a specialty store.

I believe this is a positive development in a struggling economy where a small business has an opportunity to develop a new market with the potential for new employment opportunities. We should support this. Thank you.

The owners of UpperWest create amazingly unique blends for flavorful cocktails, and they carry a well-chosen, smart. And often hard-to-find selection of beer and wine. Being able to purchase from such a selection to bring home would be an exceptional addition to their offerings.

Safe space and no concerns about being responsible stewards of provision

I definitely support a small store of handmade food items and curated goods!

We love UpperWest in the neighborhood. Their store would be a great addition to North Cambridge. There is not anything else similar close by.

UpperWest is a wonderful neighbor. They care about the community and are lovely people. Can’t say enough great things a out them.

Kim and Xavier are responsible, passionate, and dedicated business owners and I think this will be a great step for them. The offerings will cater fittingly to the surrounding neighborhood residents and will doubtlessly be a well-frequented and beloved addition to the community.
They are good neighbors and add to the vibrancy and community-feeling of the hood. I'm sure they'll operate responsibly

Upper West is a welcome addition to our neighborhood. Approving this license will help this wonderful local business expand its offerings and remain profitable. Thank you in advance for considering their petition.
Good People!

A food boutique in the neighborhood would be very welcomed

UpperWest brings so much to the neighborhood - it would be wonderful to be able to take some of the wonderful products they offer home as well.

A package store would offer benefits to the neighborhood and beyond. I am in support of Upper West’s request for a Package Store license.

Having a store that catered to the sophisticated palate in N. Cambridge would be a welcome addition to the neighborhood

Kim and Xavier have good taste – The Boston Globe agrees. I support them having the same ability to sell goods as Clover in Central Square. This will be great for our neighborhood.

I’m happy to support a local business expand. Upper West has been a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.
This package store will be a welcome retail establishment for the North Cambridge neighborhood.

I lived in North Cambridge for a quarter of a century and these owners have proved themselves to be capable and responsible members of the community who consistently add to our quality of life. They will offer the community something we currently don’t have and they will always be responsive and caring neighbors.

I would really, really appreciate a wider selection of amari. I currently have about 9 types but would like more, some of which I cannot find in Cambridge. Great food, great people.
Great idea for area.

UpperWest has been a welcome addition to our neighborhood. I believe that owners/managers, Kim Courtney and Xavier Dietrich, are responsible individuals and fully support their plan to sell select food products as well as hard to find beers & wines from their space. I hope you will approve their request for a license to do so.

I look forward to having a quality selection of liquor in the Trolley Square area. Most of the time, I need to go to Davis Square for a wider range of products. Having them in my own neighborhood instead would be ideal.

Always good to have a well run, customer focused store in the neighborhood. It's what makes living in a city exciting. I fully support this effort!

These people are great and know what they are doing. I think that their specialty store would add to the neighborhood.

This has been a really great addition to the neighborhood. Great neighbors, and great service. I would love to see what they have for sale in their package store!

This would be a delightful addition to our neighborhood.
It would be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. There are no ther specialty stores nearby and encouraging small business with new products is exactly what the city should support!

Upper West has achieved a loyal clientele who come for the excellent wines and food as well as for the community UW has created. Their shop will thrive and continue to build community.

A wonderful addition to our neighborhood.

Upperwest has been a great addition to the neighborhood! It is nice to support a local small business that is run by fellow neighbors. They provide excellent and unique foods and wines that aren’t available elsewhere in the neighborhood and therefore I support this license request.

Kim Courtney of Upperwest will once again improve the value of the property location with a specialty beer wine and guest favorite shop on Cedar Street. I would travel from New Hampshire to patronize such a special new place.

Xavier runs a good business, I would love to see them get a liquor license.

Sounds awesome!!! Love UpperWest! we live right down the street. I would be pleased to see UpperWest obtain a liquor store license for us, the public, to enjoy.

UpperWest is such a wonderful asset to this neighborhood. We would be so lucky for it to expand it’s offerings.

Fully supportive!!!!

I’m writing to support this great local spot, dear friends live in the neighborhood and it’s our go to for a warm and friendly experience. I think this with enhance the neighborhood further.

This is a good business that is making the best of their non-traditional location. This store would allow them to continue to thrive as a local business and would also provide a unique service to that neighborhood.

Upperwest forever!

Please allow them to grow their business. They have been great neighbors.

Upper West provides a bit of different in a world of ordinary. I would love to see it happen.

I'm writing to support this package store petition. It'll be good to have more retail options in the neighborhood.

I want everything UpperWest does to be insanely successful! They are a hidden gem tucked away in the community here and I recommend it to everyone.

I support UpperWest Petition to open a Specialty Food Store at 1 Cedar Street and I hope that it will provide more food and drink diversity for our neighborhood.

Dear members of License Commission, I wholeheartedly support this petition. I live very close to Upperwest and the wine bar is such a wonderful place. Please allow the speciality food store open!

UpperWest has been a boon to the community, a gathering spot that feels intimate and special. The kind of store they're proposing will perfectly serve the neighborhood. North Cambridge needs ground floor retail to remain vibrant and a desirable place to live.

Kim & Xavier have done a great job with their current space; I know this spot would be a great addition to the neighborhood!

UpperWest is already treasured in the Cambridge community and allowing UpperWest a Package Store license would allow the business to provide even more to the Cambridge community.

I support Upper West in their endeavors. It is a friendly, cozy place plus neighborly. When I visit Cambridge, I’ll always patronize Upper West.

Kim & Xavier are outstanding citizens of Cambridge. They are very professional and manage a business that complements the North Cambridge neighborhood. Enabling them to providing a carefully curated selection of old world wines, craft local beers, and liquor would be a welcome addition to the community.

The neighborhood will benefit greatly if these two terrific people are allowed to open a package store.

I support small businesses in the Cambridge/Boston area and feel that UpperWest offers something unique and special in a way that blends in nicely with the Cambridge community.
I fully support the endeavors of Kim and Xavier, as I believe they are vital in bringing both culture and style to the highly unfashionable North Cambridge area.

Upper West is a wonderful addition to the North Cambridge neighborhood (lived there between 1981 and 1984 before moving to a different Cambridge neighborhood and now, Central Square).

I believe the upper west team will curate a selection different then what is currently available in north Cambridge.

We are huge fans of Upper West and we consider them to be in the true and friendly spirit of our neighborhood. We strongly support their package store!

I believe it's important to encourage local small businesses in the North Cambridge area, and UpperWest has already proved themselves to be a popular restaurant addition.
UpperWest will be a great addition to the area.

Great location for a quaint neighborhood wine and food shop. Would be ideal for residents to walk from several parts of Cambridge.

Kim and Xavier are wonderful neighbors and talented entrepreneurs. I support them in all of their efforts to bring excellent food and beverage items to the community.

The area could really use this.

UpperWest contributes to the neighborhood and should be allowed to expand their services. I firmly support UpperWest in their effort to provide package products to their customers.

I support the granting of a package store license for Upper West at 1 Cedar Street, I think that this would be an excellent addition to the neighborhood.

UpperWest is a great local business and a wonderful part of the North Cambridge community. It would be wonderful if they could open a small retail presence, and as a neighbor, I’m very excited about this.

This is an excellent business that helps build community in this area. The package store will be a welcome addition to a much appreciated local business.

This is one of the classiest and finely run restaurants anywhere. I'm local and would welcome any such expansion. Steve Santell

Kim and Xavier have a great taste for unique and hard to get wines and liquors. Being able to buy their selected beverages would be a unique value added to the neighborhood.

I support their application. They are very responsible and this area could use the quality selection I am sure they will offer. thanks. Cambridge would do well to have the unique offerings of Kim Courtney and Xavier Dietrich including amari liquor for sale.

This area could use an interesting food and liquor purveyor.
I support Upper West's application. It would be a great addition to our business district offering a mix of quality products.

I’d love to see UpperWest, a great neighborhood spot, expand and add more business to the area.
I can think of no reason why this license should be denied. Period.

I would patronize this story when I visit my friends in North Cambridge. They do great work and would be a great addition to the neighborhood.

UpperWest is a lovely and a positive business in my community. I would be very excited to support and purchase from their curated selection of alcohol in a store.
Kim and Xavier have already brought so much to the neighborhood with the UpperWest Wine Bar. We fully support them in this new expansion with a package and specialty store!!

I live down the street from Upper West. The two package stores nearby do not have a great selection of craft beer. It would be great to have a curated selection.

North Cambridge could use a place like this where great food, wine, and liquor can be purchased. I highly support UpperWests efforts to obtain a package store license. We are a frequent visitor to there current business & have always found them to be highly ethical & have run a very successful business. The change in business will be highly anticipated & a perfect addition, welcome by all to the neighborhood. Please approve there application.

My wife and I have frequently visited UpperWest and have brought friends and family to this amazing, comfortable wine bar right at the end of our street. We'd love to see this continue to be a wonderful business in our neighborhood!
We need stories like this! Ain’t hurtin no one.

I live across the street from Upper West and I ask you to please support the liquor license application.

I strongly support this petition. Upper West has been a great addition to the community and having the ability to sell some provisions will make it an even more valuable destination.

Great establishment. Would love to see a local independent business expand.

More business in north cambridge!

UpperWest has provided a wonderful neighborhood establishment from the day they opened their doors. This would allow them to expand their offerings and provide something which is currently unavailable in North Cambridge.

This is a great little place - I hope to go more often
UpperWest makes a great contribution to community life in North Cambridge. Let them flourish!

Would be a wonderful addition to our neighborhood and this terrific business that helps make North Cambridge a better place to live.

We support a license for these fine owners, who have given us wonderful hospitality.

I think this is a great idea. I welcome an interesting liquor store in the neighborhood.

UpperWest already provides a high level of food and drink to the North Cambridge neighborhood as a wine and cocktail bar. I would welcome their approach to providing a similar selection as a package store.

UpperWest is a great addition to the neighborhood and it would be nice to see them expand!

We love Upper West and feel that add to the neighborhood. Their restaurant is unique and the food and wine quality amazing.

UpperWest is such a unique place, and they really know their stuff. I’ll be shopping them first — and probably usually last — if they open a liquor store.

I support the efforts of these folks to survive in a tough trade and a tough economy. Liquor store/license would be a great addition. Please consider

I have found ownership to be responsible and detail-oriented and belief it would handle the requested license in a manner that would benefit the City.

I live in the neighborhood and support a liquor store license for Upper West. I support Upperwest in their quest to continue to bring unmet needs to our neighborhood. They have been such a great addition to our neighborhood.

I am from New Hampshire, but travel to MA quite often to experience the different food, wine and culture. This will be a great addition.

Great location - would love to have a craft beer, wine and liquor store in the area.

I support both an All Alcohol and/or Wine & Beer Liquor Store (aka Package Store) for UpperWest.

I can see the building where Upperwest is located from my living room. The owners are fantastic! I want and need this liquor/package store license to be granted to them. It’s important to the neighborhood.

You deserve approval

I'd welcome a new store and the competition it develops... this IS the American Dream ... it's good for Americans too
I support Upper West's application for a liquor store license at 1 Cedar Street.

Kim and Xavier are great connoisseurs of wine, liquors and beers. Being able to buy the products they serve at their restaurant would add great value to the neighborhood.
Let’s keep locally owned venues alive!!! Help us protect our neighborhood from the fate of chain store saturated Harvardsquare!